Liz Schrage

Liz Schrage

Areas of Expertise: Online/non-traditional qualitative research methods and quantitative research specialist, advertising and communications assessment and tracking, new product development, customer satisfaction, awareness/attitudes/usage analysis, kids' research, executives'/B-to-B research and international research

Products and categories – technology/consumer electronics, financial services, healthcare, travel, entertainment/media, insurance, health and beauty, food, and not-for-profit

Credentials: Research Manager; started with Loran as an intern in 1999, joined full-time in 2002

Prior experience – intern in advertising sales at NBC, marketing/promotions intern for Chicago music/performing arts venue. As a teenager, spent summers helping retrain retired racehorses

MBA in Marketing from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management; BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University

AMA (American Marketing Association) member

Childhood Ambitions & Lifelong Dreams: To become a pilot, a veterinarian (or a manicurist), ride a horse bareback on the beach, visit all 7 continents (3 down, 4 to go) and generally leave things better than I found them

Why I Do What I Do: "Because learning about the persuasive aspects of marketing makes me feel less guilty about my shopping habit"

Hidden Talents: Baking and chocolate-making (not to be confused with "cooking"), playing the Wii, finding the perfect greeting card for any occasion

Off Hours Enjoyments: Sleeping in, listening to live music, horseback riding, seeing new places, spending time with family and good friends