Areas of Expertise: Sensory research, digging for hidden insights, sniffing out new opportunities

Products and categories - pet food, human food, squeaky toys, sporting goods, travel and leisure

Credentials: Adjunct Loran analyst and resident canine expert since 2006

Prior experience - raised and trained as a Leader Dog for the Blind (honorable discharge due to allergies); active in pet therapy work for nursing homes and shut-ins

Childhood Ambitions & Lifelong Dreams: Become a Leader Dog for the Blind; now striving to become a champion Chuckit! player

Why I Do What I Do: "I enjoy being part of a team. I like bringing a different, more nose-to-the-ground perspective to Loran"

Hidden Talents: Leaping in air to catch balls on the bounce, stealth sneaking onto beds in the middle of the night, resisting food that's not mine

Off Hours Enjoyments: Walking, running and swimming at the beach, riding in the car, playing with friends, sleeping in the sun, doing the wiggle worm dance