Setting a true course for businesses and brands

For over twenty years, Loran Marketing Group has successfully guided hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, privately held firms and public sector organizations toward better and smarter business decisions. Our research, marketing and brand-building tools help clients navigate to their desired destinations every step of the way.

It's our reason for being and how we chose our name. LORAN is the acronym for Long Range Navigation system. Just as LORAN has guided millions of seafarers safely to their destinations, Loran Marketing Group helps companies navigate the uncharted waters and rocky shores of a constantly changing marketplace.

Relevant insights, real world solutions

Successful navigation requires an ability to cut through the clutter and give clear direction. Loran provides customer information and insights that are relevant, productive and actionable.

We give clients:

  • A remarkable range of tools
  • A team with extraordinary expertise
  • A partnership based on honesty, respect and wisdom
  • A breadth and depth of experience that provides a big picture context for customer insights and strategic directions

And a group of people who are passionate about uncovering your company's potential to get you to your desired destination - every sure, smart step of the way.